Parliamentary Pugilistics

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayycip Erdogan (one of Bo’s Five Best Buds!) has been playing Risk with his own country for decades – getting into power, and then consolidating power more and more each day. Recently, the judiciary launched a wide-ranging corruption investigation – Erdogan sees this as a challenge to his rule (well, it IS – probably the only way left for his country to oppose him.)

So Erdogan gets his party to propose a bill to give him more control over the judiciary. Lawyers and judges are not so keen…

a representative of a judicial association arrived with a petition arguing the bill was anti-constitutional, but was not allowed to speak

Why is this interesting, you ask? Aside from Bo’s Best Buddoing what all dictators do (there’s a great photo of Erdogan at the link!), the opposition lawmakers did not take this lying down, according to Reuters…

Turkish parliamentarians threw punches and water bottles during a debate on Saturday about government control over the appointment of judges and prosecutors, as a feud over the ruling party’s handling of a corruption scandal intensified. One MP leapt on a table and launched a flying kick as others wrestled and punched at each other, with document folders, plastic water bottles and even an iPad flying through the air…

“Well, that’s all very nice. Is There VIDEO?” you ask……

Why, yes. Yes, there is…..

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