Immigration Answers

Say, I just had an Idea (this morning)…..

Since Congress continues to threaten our security with new iterations of Immigration Reform…. why not start a New program? We could call it “Trading Places.” For every illegal immigrant we catch (– we Deport them – no ifs, ands, or buts…) – BUT for each one we toss out, we ADMIT ONE LEGAL immigrant whose application has been filed.

Okay – to appease the “we’ve got too many already” crowd – let’s make it for every TWO illegals we deport, we accept a properly-vetted, patiently-waiting-to-get-here, prospective new American. And these legal ones we accept can be from the country we deport our illegals to. This will make it more likely that those countries will accept the deportees, if they know that their other constituents are happy and Legal.

We will be getting rid of the moochers, liars, and cheats (oh – and the drug runners!) and in return we will be getting folks who persevere and follow the rules. These traits are far more likely to help immigrants thrive in their new country, than the ability to financially undercut law-abiding businesses, or being able to avoid contact with all law enforcement personnel. And people the world over will know we can be relied on to treat honest folks fairly (like it used to be!)

This would be a terrific way to end the illegal “undocumented” interlopers, because the smartest ones would start to figure that they might have a better chance of coming here, and staying here, if they go home & enter through the right channels. Their way would be paved by the dumb ones, or the sneakiest ones, who think they can still manage to hide in the U.S shadows.

As we deport, deport, deport, and responsible, viable new immigrants arrive, we will find it even more politically-correct (not to mention advantageous!) to continue the deportations. After all, deportations are how we make more room for decent folks to enter.

It’s time to contact our Congresscritters about Trading Places! It’s never too early or late for the right kind of Immigration Reform.

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