We Are All Dixie Chix Now

Nigerian warplanes struck militant camps in the northeast on Friday in a major push against an Islamist insurgency, DRAWING A SHARP WARNING from the United States to respect human rights and not harm civilians.
~ reuters, via Creeping

srsly?!?!? Look, Nigeria – great job. Carry on. Don’t listen to our government. Yeah, you might hit civilians – you might even end up bombing the entire group of captured Christian girls. BUT even that will be worth it, if you carry your campaign to its logical conclusion: the complete eradication of Boko Haram.

And now for the Chix reference: I apologize for our government. They’re out of control. Kerry, the State Department – has the State Department always been this bad, and Presidents used to simply keep them in check? This administration is letting them have free reign.

The American people are betrayed by this bunch of crackpots, and we are only able to wait until we can change the leadership in the next election (assuming a low level of voter fraud.)

Let’s add to the barf factor, shall we?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a strongly worded statement saying: “We are … deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations, which, in turn, only escalate the violence and fuel extremism.”

Yep – defending yourself is a GROSS violation of your killers’ human rights.

And Kerry – dude – fuel is something that causes something to burn – I’m pretty sure those insurgents were burning with extremism long before the Nigerians defended themselves.

But Let Kerry show you how it’s done:

Washington “condemns Boko Haram’s campaign of terror in the strongest terms”, Kerry said, but urged Nigeria’s armed forces to show restraint and discipline.

Whoo!!! Those Strong Terms!!! THAT’S what’s gonna get these monsters to let those girls go home, and lay down their weapons, form a circle and sing Kumbaya. Yep! That’ll do it!

Now, for the good news:

Nigerian defense spokesman Brigadier-General Chris Olukolade said in a statement that troops destroyed several Boko Haram camps and weapons stockpiles in forests around Borno state, epicenter of the uprising … : “Heavy weapons including anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns were also destroyed in the process,” he said.

“The special operations … resulted in the destruction of much of the insurgents’ weapons and logistics such as vehicles, containers, fuel dumps and power generators.”

He said the death toll amongst the insurgents would be verified during mopping up exercises in the camps, including in the Sambisa game reserve in Borno state. A military source said at least 30 insurgents had been killed in one operation.

Locals are forming their own groups to defend themselves successfully:

An estimated 200 suspected members of Boko Haram were reportedly killed Wednesday and 10 captured in a successful counteroffensive by a local Nigerian militia in Rann, located in … Borno state.

Sources on the ground said 300 members of Islamist radical group Boko Haram stormed the local village around 4:00 a.m. local time. It is believed the successful counter-atttack was due to local knowledge of the impending attack, allowing Rann’s citizens to prepare to defend themselves.

A member of the (villagers’) militia … said, “They wanted to attack us just the way they did in Bama, Konduga and Damboa, but we got the wind of it and all of us laid ambush for them; when they neared the village, we opened fire using our Dane duns, double barrel rifles and bows-and-arrows, most of them who were shocked took to their heels, but many of them died, some that were injured have been caught alive and are with the security people as I am talking to you.”

According to a local state legislator, “The villagers succeeded in protecting their dwellings from the attackers. They killed about 200 members of the sect and many others escaped with serious wounds.” He continued, “Our people also recovered over 70 motorcycles that the attackers came with. They also collected 2 Hilux vehicles and an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) while some of the attackers were captured alive.”

In editing this , I came across an issue I should mention: Boko Haram has been called a “militia” so many times by the the media, for so many years, I found I had to qualify the use of the term, when it referred to the defending villagers. To be clear, Boko Haram is a terrorist army. And it’s worth remembering that they have been, for the most part, virtually unopposed for years.

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